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Shredding Service

Proper destruction and disposal of secure documents is crucial to remain HIPAA compliant and protect the sensitive data and personal information of your patients and clients. Superior Medical Waste Disposal specializes in the safe and compliant handling of secure documents. Contact us today for a quote.

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What is Document Shredding?

Commercial Document shredding is used in almost every United States healthcare facility. The most common reason to use an on-siter shredding service is to stay in compliance with HIPAA policies. Using a shredding service ensures your office is properly disposing of clients private documents that are protected by HIPAA.

The grey and white locking consoles seen throughout a healthcare office are used to safely store sensitive documents. There are also garbage bin sized containers used in the back of faculties. The paper waste is shredded on-site in one of our shredding partner’s trucks, and the empty console is returned to the office to be refilled.

secure document shredding service
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Sensative Document Producer Best Practices

HIPAA compliant shredding requires you to shred PHI documents (or hard drives) in a way so that the PHI is not only unreadable but impossible to reconstruct. In other words, it should be impossible to reenact a scene from a film where a spy takes a shredded document from a bin and pastes the pieces back together.

Remember that the shredding process doesn’t apply solely to paper records. If you choose to shred other file types, the same protocols apply. You must use the appropriate technology to ensure the files are not only destroyed but unsalvageable.

Recycling of Shredded Paper

All the paper shredded from our HIPPA compliant shredding partner is recycled. They recycle over 2 million pounds of paper per year! Rest assured, the best way to keep your customer’s information safe and keep our planet safe is to use Superior Medical Waste for your Document Destruction.

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Superior Can Help With Document Destruction

We know the proper paper waste removal is just as important as medical waste removal. That is why we have partnered with another local company that shares the same values we hold. If you need paper shredding at your healthcare facility, Superior can get it done. Contact us today for a quote.

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