Waste Disposal

Proper disposal of COVID-19 waste is crucial to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and protect public health. Superior Medical Waste specializes in the safe and compliant handling of COVID-19 waste. Contact us today for a waste removal quote.

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Proper Disposal For Coronavirus Infected Material

Vaccines, testing materials, potentially contaminated PPE and blood all fall under the “medical waste” umbrella. If your operation accumulates any amount of COVID-19 waste; We can Safely remove it from your facility daily, weekly, or monthly.

covid19 waste disposal service
medical waste disposal service

Superior Can Help With All Medical Waste Concerns

We know more than anyone how complicated medical waste regulations can be. At Superior, we are professionals in biohazard knowledge and medical waste removal. We are up-to-date on all federal and local RMW laws. If your facility needs help classifying, storing, transporting, or staying compliant: contact us today for a free consultation.