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Your Guide To Michigan's Medical Waste Regulations

This is your helpful checklist. It's an easy way to make sure your business is in compliance with state health code laws pertaining to medical waste.  We encourage you to contact the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) with any other questions regarding the laws of handling regulated medical waste.


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Certificate Of Registration

Required for facilities that produce any volume of medical waste, and expires every 3 years. Registration fees vary between $50 to $150 depending on the facility type. Register here.

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Remove All Medical Waste From Facility Within 90 Days

All medical waste-producing facilities legally obligated to have their sharps and biohazard waste removed from their facility every 90 days or less. This rule applies to a business that generate a single used sharp or 1,000 pounds of medical waste.


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Bloodborne Pathogens Training 

Required for all employees handling bloodborne pathogens. Must be documented according to the facility's medical waste management plan and made available upon inspection for a minimum of 3 years. Complete your OSHA training courses here.

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Develop A Medical Waste Management Plan

Required of all medical waste-producing facilities and must list and describe the type of medical waste produced by the facility and the method of packaging, storage, treatment, and disposal used for each medical waste type. We can make one for you!


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Use Approved Biohazard Storage Containers

Required for all healthcare facilities to safely store their medical waste prior to removal. Storage containers must meet OSHA and DOT guidelines. This includes biohazard markings, red bag liners, and DOT approved material.

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