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How to Provide Great Customer Service:

Here at Superior Medical Waste we pride ourselves on Five-Star Service. Why? Because, when we speak to potential clients, current clients, and past clients they all say the same thing. “Yes, price does matter, however the most important thing is service.” Here are some key factors that we value and stress everyday to make sure our service is top notch.

Key Factors to Our Excellent Customer Service


One of the most important things in providing great service is knowing your clients. How do you get to know your clients? You have to build relationships with them. Relationships don’t just grow on trees or happen over night. Relationships take time and you have to put in the effort to get to know the people you are serving.


It is important for you to have strong communication with your partners. Understand their needs and wants and how you can ultimately provide them service that makes their job easier. Listening is the biggest thing we stress to our reps and our drivers. Learning and digging deeper to see what the potential client, current client, past client needs from us.


How long does it take you to respond to a client’s email? One day? A few hours? 20 minutes? Too late. Imagine that when someone is sending you an email they’re actually right in front of you. If you were standing in front of someone and they asked you a question. You would not just stand there and not reply. You would say something. Same concept applies to an email, phone call, and text.

Above and Beyond

Now, going above and beyond might have a few different definitions. For us, it means doing the little things and doing the right thing. Because the little things are the foundation that builds the relationships with your clients. That builds their trust and gives them security that you will take care of them. You have to show them that you’re willing to go the extra mile to make them happy and their life easier.


ALWAYS! ALWAYS! ALWAYS! Deliver. The most important thing in Five-Star service is the delivery. You have to deliver! Don’t tell a client you have great communication, great response time, and that you will go above and beyond. Then not follow through with your promise. You gain trust by building those relationships and making sure they know you will take care of them.