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School District Medical Waste Service

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Dispose of Your School's Medical Waste Safely with Superior

Schools are one of the largest producers of medical waste due to the vast amount of kids with illnesses that require medication and needle puncture. Superior understands all school-based waste requirements and will help make your district compliant with state and federal laws. We are fully insured, licensed and meet all OSHA, HIPPA, EPA, DOT, and EGLE requirements.

Why Choose Superior Medical Waste Disposal

At Superior Medical Waste, we put our customers first. Enjoy our flexible scheduling that meets your facilities needs. Experience our world class technicians trained for proper medical waste removal. Take advantage of our complimentary biohazard containers to safely store your sharps and medical waste prior to our pickup date. We are not just another medical waste service, we are Superior. 

How our Process is Superior

When contracted with us, expect a service that is flexible, on-time, and affordable. Our trained technicians come on a recurring schedule that works for you. He or she removes your medical waste in a UN3291 (compliant) container after having the shipping document signed by your office representative. That document is then emailed to your office for proof of disposal and cradle-to-grave tracking. You always know where your waste is going when partnering with Superior. Your waste is then treated and shredded at our partnered facility prior to safe disposal. See more about our process.

Medical Waste Services Customized
for School Districts

Sharps Removal

Monthly Service


Pharmaceutical Waste Removal

Quarterly Service


Secured Document Destruction

Monthly Service


Online OSHA Training

Annual Training

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