what is regulated medical waste

Medical Waste Generator: What can I do to stay compliant and follow correct guidelines?

We will give a beginners three step process on how you should be handling your infectious waste in your office and the best ways to stay compliant and safe!<

Medical waste generator tips

If you’re a medical waste generator (a medical practice that produces infectious waste) it is important you’re following the proper guidelines making sure you’re being compliant. We will go over three tips that will automatically get you going in the right direction and have your office in great shape!

Three tips that will help you get going in the right direction are OSHA Training, a proper medical waste management plan, and knowing how to correctly package and handle your waste. Let’s dive in!

Tip #1 – OSHA Training

Our first tip is our most recommended step to get you started in the right direction. What even is medical waste? How do we stay compliant? How do I handle sharps? Now, these concepts might seem basic and juvenile to some. However, if you are new to the industry or have never been properly trained. How is this your fault??

By getting proper OSHA Training you can get trained in Bloodbourne Pathogens, Sharps, HIPPA, and Medical Waste Training. These courses will help you get familiar with how to properly handle your infectious waste and sharps. It also will educate you on what you’re dealing with and how serious injuries can be. We need to prevent injuries at all costs and if they do happen. We need a plan. Getting trained will help reduce your injuries and keep everyone safe. We offer online OSHA credits that you can disperse throughout your office to make sure the right personal is trained. So what are you waiting for?? Sign up!

Tip #2 – Medical Waste Management Plan

As a medical waste disposal service we create a medical waste management plan for you. This is a system in place to make sure you know how to handle and package your waste. As well as if there are any injuries you know what to do and when to act. Some of the aspects of our medical waste plan..

  1. Having a designated room labeled to hold your infectious waste
  2. Proper transportation containers – Biohazard Box(s)/Biohazard Bins(s)/Red liner bags
  3. Proper sharps containers and pharmaceutical containers
  4. How-to posters placed on the walls of your designated room
  5. Access to OSHA Training

These are just some examples of what our medical waste management plan will consist of. Another way to help our customers be safe and compliant.

Tip #3 – Correct packaging and handling

One of the best ways you can prevent injuries and keep the safest environment for your employees is to understand how to handle and package your waste. This is why we train our drivers to deliver demonstrations to new customers to help them understand the proper way. This is also why we send guideline and how to posters so you can place them on the wall of your designated biohazard room.

Always wearing gloves or even sharp protection gloves while handling waste and sharps. Having your biohazard bin or box open and lined with our red liner bag. Making sure it is placed in your designated biohazard room. When your box or bin is getting full, before letting it overflow. Make sure you’re able to tie the bag in a single knot and be able to close the container. If it is a red bin you need to be able to fully close the lid. If it is a biohazard box it needs to be taped shut at the bottom and top of the box. When our drivers come it should be a clean designated area with a bin or box fully shut and ready to go. We take away your bin or box and replace it with a new one. These steps are to insure that we are keeping employees safe and our own drivers.

Compliance is the Key to a Peace of Mind

Helping you be compliant and safe is our main goal as your medical waste partner. OSHA Training, Medical Waste Management Plan, and proper handling and packaging is a great start. Visit our website, write and inquiry, give us a call. You’re only one click away from being compliant!