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2022 Waste Expo!

May 10-11 Las Vegas, Nevada at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Last week we were able to attend the 2022 Healthcare Waste Expo in Las Vegas. The conference was loaded with experts from around the country that touched on all aspects throughout the industry. The conference provided presentations, speakers, and booths with brand new products and services.

We will go over some influential topics that from our perspective were very helpful and educational. The topics provided great review as well as nuances that we can incorporate into our business practices.

Day 1: Influential Topics

The first day had three segments that we thoroughly enjoyed. It covered issues with medical waste in landfills and other solid waste issues. Stressing the importance of educating our clients on what actually goes in our biohazard containers and what is just regular waste. Then there was a session on hazardous waste. This was a refreshing review as well as some great teaching points. Especially because we are trying to incorporate hazardous waste removal more often with our clients. We have found that more and more businesses have hazardous waste that they do not know where to dispose of it. We have found a solution and working with partners to safely and effectively dispose of hazardous waste. The last speaker we saw touched on all the updates from the FEDs and what we need to focus on moving forward. To make sure that we are taking all the proper precautions for safety in the workplace.

Day 2: Influential Topics

To follow the first day speakers and presentations was a tough task. However, day two did not disappoint! One of the most interesting topics was Biohazard and Crime Scene Cleanup best practices. This happens more than people realize. Trauma clean up companies and restoration companies have emergency projects. These projects will generate infectious waste that needs to be properly disposed of. So, it is vital that these businesses have a medical waste transporter on their books so when they need the service we can help.

They saved the best for last in our opinion with an experienced panel of experts. It was great review on Packaging, Transporting, and Treating Medical Waste. Then they added a Q & A at the end that was a learning experience for everyone in the audience. Questions that we get asked on a daily basis, however, it was interesting to see the different answers from different companies in different states. We also learned a lot of DOT regulations that by the industry should be practiced.

Overall, the week in Las Vegas was a success! The new connections that we made from neighboring states and companies. The educational speakers and presentations on the new trends in the industry. The brand new products that are hitting the industry this year. We are very thankful we were able to take advantage of this opportunity and make our company better!