medical waste disposal management plan

Medical Waste Management Plan: What it is and Why Your Office Needs One.

Many states, including Michigan require healthcare facilities to have a “medical waste management plan” on file. The plan simply outlines how your medical waste is handled from time of creation to time of destruction. You will outline the staff member who oversees the medical waste, the company that removes the medical waste, and the treatment center who destroys the medical waste.

Developing a medical waste plan is easy. It will just have to be updated every year or whenever there is a change to your medical waste process. You can find a template of what a medical waste management plan can look like on the Michigan EGLE website. If you use Superior for your medical waste removal, we can develop a plan for your office and keep it updated for you each year.

Make sure your medical waste management plan includes these main points:

  • What type of medical waste are you producing? From where?
  • Where do you store your medical waste prior to removal?
  • Who is removing the medical waste? On what basis?
  • Where is the medical waste going after it leaves your facility?
  • Is everyone trained in bloodborne pathogens training?

Following these steps, using the EGLE for reference, or having Superior guide your office into making a correct medical waste management plan will be the best way to keep your healthcare facility in compliance with Michigan law.

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