medical waste packaging

Medical Waste Packaging: How to Properly Package up Medical Waste for Shipment.

How to package up medical waste to need DOT standards.

This will be an easy-to-use guide on how to properly package your facilitates medical waste prior to your licensed medical waste service transporting it to the treatment center. I have been teaching healthcare workers for over a decade on best practices when it comes to DOT medical waste packaging standards.

Please follow-along and use these helpful tips prior to your next medical waste pickup day.

Step #1 – Tape the bottom of your UN3291 medical waste box or line your bin with a medical waste bag

If you have a red bin you will simply line it with a biohazard bag before filling it with medical waste. If you have a cardboard box, you will have to tape it up prior to lining it with the biohazard bag.
taping up a box

Step #2 – Tie the bag

When the container is nearing full or your pickup date for the medical waste is near, tie up the red biohazard bag in a single-knot. DO NOT tie it in a twist tie. This can cause leakage during transport.

medical waste receptacle

Step #3- Tape up the box or seal the bin lid

Your bag is tied, your service is scheduled. It is time to simply tape your UN3291 medical waste box as if it were a FedEx package or put the lid on top of you red bin.

Step #4 – Sign a medical waste shipping paper

Make sure your medical waste service is obtaining a signature from you and the driver at time of pickup. They should be leaving you or emailing you a copy of the document with signatures of you the driver, and the treatment center. This will conclude your medical waste’s journey to proper disposal.

Last Tips:

Make sure to tie your bag in a single-knot tie to keep the stench contained and to prevent any leakage during storage or transport. Also, it is recommended you store the biohazard box and bags in a locked closet that is marked with a biohazard sticker.