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Michigan Medical Waste Laws You Should Know About

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) regulates all medical waste produced in Michigan. If you are business that produces, handles, or disposed of regulated medical waste than there are a few major regulations you need to know.

How long can I store Medical Waste in Michigan?

Michigan businesses can store their medical waste for a maximum time of 90 days. Whether you produce 1 oz. or 10,000 pounds of medical waste it must be removed from your facility every 90 days or less.


Your medical waste vendor should provide you a manifest when they remove your medical waste so you can show your health inspector that the waste is properly being purged within the given time period.

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5 most important Michigan Medical Waste Regulations:

  1. Remove all medical waste from your facility every 90 days or less
  2. Store you medical waste in leak proof biohazard storage containers
  3. Have a Medical Waste Management Plan posted on your wall
  4. Renew you EGLE Medical Waste Producer Certificate every 3 years
  5. Train your staff in DOT Medical Waste and Bloobourne Pathogens