medical waste spill due to driver error

Why Choosing Your Medical Waste Vendor is Important

When it comes to disposing of your regulated medical waste correctly their are many questions a healthcare facility may have. Including where is the waste going? Is the waste being tracked from cradle-to-grave? Is my vendor properly licensed and insured to pickup Regulated Medical Waste?

Medical Waste Spill Due to Driver Negligence

If your medical waste vendor does not have transporters that are properly trained to handle your sharps containers then your waste could be at risk of a major accident like the one showed above. These accidents are uncommon but come at a great cost.

What Should You Look For in a Vendor?

When looking for a medical waste transporter:

  • Are they licensed to transport Regulated Medical Waste?
  • Are they properly insured in case of an accident?
  • Is your liability waived once the transporter removed your waste from the facility?

At Superior Medical Waste you can rest easy knowing you have the highest trained staff to properly handle your sharps and biohazard waste. We put the safety of your employees, our employees and the general public above all else.

Superior Medical Waste Has You Covered

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