Superior Medical Waste Process: What to Expect?

Process Review: What our process looks like and what you can expect when partnering with us. A Superior Solution for your biohazard services. Flexible, fast, and reliable!

We have fully transformed our system that helps cater to our customers and their flexibility. You will learn exactly what that system is and how it makes your life easier. From our negotiations and contracts, to our routing and scheduling, and finally our pick-ups and demonstrations. Get a better understanding of the Superior Solution and why it is the best out on the market!

Negotiation & Contracts:

When discussing our services and agreements with new customers. We make sure we communicate with high levels of transparency so you understand exactly what you’re agreeing to. There will be no surprises or blindsides when you start working with us. You will know what we are picking up and disposing. When we are picking up and disposing. What pricing is attached to specific waste. We only send invoices for what your contract states. No surprise fees, gas fees, or route fees. We charge you for what we pick-up and what your subscription entails. We have a standard contract length, however, we are very flexible with all our various customers and what they’re comfortable agreeing to.

Routes and Scheduling:

As we work with our current clients. Scheduling is a major necessity for organizations. The ability for their medical waste transporter to have a calendar of when they’re coming and then actually follow that calendar. That is why we value communicating with our customers and making sure we can be flexible.

We have a 24 hour reminder email that goes out the day before. This way you can be prepared for our pick-up. As well as communicate with us if you need it at a certain time or have specific instructions. We work very well with “abnormal office hours” for our customers. If we need to meet a customer outside of normal business hours or schedule a time for us to meet them at the office. We get the job done. We have full time drivers that cover various areas in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. We take away your waste, provide a new biohazard container/red liner bag, and provide an online manifest that tracks your waste. Our service includes everything your company needs to be in compliance with the State of Michigan health and safety codes.

Pick-ups & Demos:

Pick-ups! Pick-ups! Pick-ups! The most vital event that takes place in our partnership. The agreement that Superior Medical Waste will come and pick-up your infectious waste and dispose of it. So why do so many companies struggle with it?? Reasons for what I expressed above. Communication, flexibility, fast! We communicate and respond with urgency to our customers. To make sure we are fulfilling our duty and our end of the bargain.

Upon signing up you will receive a calendar for all our pick-up dates throughout the year. We make sure we send updates regarding your calendar and if we had to switch or change a specific route or schedule. We send a 24 hour reminder emails so you can be prepared. Every driver is properly trained for any situation. They’re trained to introduce themselves politely and make sure we are disposing of the right items by finding the right personal who is in charge. How many ever containers we dispose of we replace the right amount of containers and red liner bags.

When arriving to a new customer location for their first drop off or pick-up. Our drivers are trained to set up a demonstration explaining our process. How to properly tape and set up our boxes or bins. What to place in the red liner bags and what NOT to place in the red liner bags. When the container is full how to properly tie and package up the container so it is ready for pick-up. Explains how our manifest works and the reasoning behind an employee signature. When our drivers leave after a first initial drop off or pick-up. There are no grey areas or confusion on how our operation works and how to safely and properly handle and package your infectious waste within your office.

Our Promise to You:

At Superior Medical Waste we believe that honesty, trust, and transparency is what our customers value the most. That is why when going over our process we make sure there are no grey areas and everything is black and white. From our first initial conversation to negotiating and setting up your contract. Then from scheduling your route and picking up your waste.

We make sure that your process is operating smooth and efficiently. So you can focus less on your biohazard waste and more on your patients and organization. This should not be a hassle. It should be the easiest part of your day. That’s what we can accomplish and guarantee with our partnership!