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The Transporter of Your Medical Waste MATTERS!

mismanaging biohazard waste
Although the management of the sharps & biohazard waste leaving your facility may not seem like your problem, it surely can be. Using unlicensed transporters puts your office at risk of being responsible for the waste even after it leaves your facility. If the transporter is uninsured, this can leave massive fines and regulations having to be covered by YOUR insurance.

When choosing a medical waste service, look for a fully licensed, permitted, and insured transporter that has had many years of experience in the industry. Other things to look for are how and where they treat your medical waste. Have them fill out a medical waste management plant so you can see how they handle your waste after it leaves your facility.

Superior Medical Waste Disposal is a fully licensed, and insured medical waste transporter. We are in compliance with the DOT, EGLE, EPA, and OSHA. At each service our driver provides your facility with a document that time stamps when the waste is removed and declares we take full ownership of the medical waste. You can be sure your facility is in better hands with Superior Medical Waste Disposal, LLC.