What Can Superior Medical Waste Provide?

Product and Service Review: Superior can provide any needs/wants your organization has or will have!

Our main focus as a company is to make sure that whatever our current client’s or new potential client’s needs and wants are. We are there to provide it. Whether that is removal of biohazard waste, document shredding, pharmaceutical waste, proper training. Our main goal is to figure out what our client needs to make their operation more effective. Once we figure that out we do what it takes to implement those solutions and make it happen.

We are going to take a look at our products and services that we can provide to make clients lives easier. We will go over our containers and what situations they need to be used for. We will go over the different types of services we provide. We will go over how you can utilize Superior Medical Waste as a one stop shop for all of your disposal needs. We. Do. It. All.

Containers: What’s the Right Container for Your Situation?

Types of containers we provide:

  • 15-Gallon size Biohazard Box
  • 32-Gallon size Biohazard box
  • 28-Gallon Red Bins with lids
  • 96-Gallon Red Bins.
  • 1 qt, 5 qt, & 2-Gallon Sharps Containers
  • 18-Gallon Pharmaceutical Container
  • 8-Gallon Pharmaceutical Container
  • 2-Gallon Pharmaceutical Container

Depending on what kind of infectious waste you have, how much waste you accumulate, and how frequent your pick-ups are. Will determine what size container and what type of container you would need. We will go over the most common situations and what will best fit your needs.

If you only have a quarterly pick-up and don’t accumulate that much waste. A 15-Gallon size box is perfect for you. It is efficient and does not take up a lot of space in your designated biohazard area. If you accumulate a lot of waste that is not liquid or has an odor. With a reoccurring pick-up every month. We would suggest having a 32-Gallon size box to hold your infectious waste.

Now, if you have a monthly pick-up and accumulate a lot of waste that possibly has an odor or potentially will leak. You would want the 28-Gallon Red Bin with a lid. It will be able to hold the amount of waste you have and you will be able to close the lid. If you accumulate non-controlled, non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste. You can choose between the 18-Gal, 8-Gal, and 2-Gal containers depending on how much you accumulate and your frequency.

Shredding Disposal:

A service that organizations skip over while considering us is secured document shredding. We are a one stop shop service for ALL of your disposal needs including your documents. We have partnered up with other local companies to ensure that you can leave your document shredding up to us. You will be put on a recurring schedule and we will develop a calendar for you. We will dispose a shredding container(s) and replace it as well.

OSHA Training: Safety comes First

Another key service we provide that should be a #1 priority for your organization is safety training. We provide online OHSA classes/credits that you can disperse throughout your office to make sure the right personal has up to date training.

Depending on what your organization is in need of. We can provide Bloodborne Pathogen, Sharps, HIPPA, and Medical Waste Training. You can pick and choose which classes you want to disperse. If you have not thought about enrolling your employees in training. We highly suggest that you consider a medical waste plan and training. We want to ensure that we are creating a safe work environment and process. Having employees trained correctly is the best way to prevent any injuries or accidents.

Five-Star Service: Locally Owned

We know price is a driving force into any organizations decision making. Superior Medical Waste does provide competitive rates. However, the one thing that makes us stand out from the rest is our commitment to Five-Star Service. Being a locally owned company right here in the state of Michigan. We can guarantee that our number one priority is catering to your organizations needs.

We see it time and time again where organizations come to us asking for help because they feel like they are just another number. At Superior you’re not just another number. We value our clients as partners and we want to work together to make our partnership the easiest and most effective.

We are just one phone call or email away. You will be able to have direct lines with your account manager. So, if you ever have any questions or concerns you will be able to reach out directly to the rep who is in charge of your account. That means no customer service team or call directory. Leave an email or voicemail to your account manager and we will respond right away!

So, now that you know we are a one stop shop for all your disposal needs. What are you waiting on?! Sign up today!